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Commercial refrigeration maintenance Perth

Regular commercial refrigeration maintenance Perth

You may not be aware of the importance of regular commercial refrigeration maintenance perth on all your cooling equipment, but we are here to explain why it’s just as important as maintaining your car or boat. The following points are just a small summary of the benefits of appropriately maintaining your commercial refrigeration equipment.

Reduced energy consumption

When commercial refrigeration equipment is not properly maintained, keeping your stock at the required temperature becomes increasingly strenuous. This means it runs more often and must work much harder, silently (or sometimes not so silently) increasing your energy consumption.

Improved lifespan of equipment

Owning commercial refrigeration equipment is a substantial investment for anyone, so the longer it lasts the better. The only way to ensure longevity in your investment is regular preventive maintenance. Cleaning and looking after your equipment could add years to its lifespan.

Better reliability

The longer your equipment is running under strain and whilst dirty, the higher the chance of a more costly breakdown. Such as; failed condenser fan motors, burnt-out wiring or electrical components, and even a failed compressor. If a major component of your equipment fails, your downtime or stock loss may be significant. Regular preventative maintenance does just that, prevents major system failures before they occur, or picks up on minor issues before they become major ones.

Food safety and cleanliness

If your equipment is not running efficiently, it may mean your product is not kept at a continually safe temperature. If a health inspector was to catch this out, your long-term costs and consequences would far exceed the cost of regular preventative maintenance. This is not to mention the possible mould or bacteria that we often see a build up on equipment, all of which are avoidable with our affordable routine maintenance plans.

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