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Commercial Refrigeration Installation Perth

We design commercial freezer rooms and cool rooms custom tailored to your business

At TRCO, we are strong believers that quality begins with a good design. That’s why when you hire us to build your cool room, we start with a detailed consult before creating a design from the ground up.

In our experience, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why each commercial refrigeration installation in Perth benefits from being custom-tailored to your needs


A trusted name in Commercial Refrigeration Installation Perth

Over the years, the team behind TRCO has custom designed, installed, and maintained hundreds of freezer rooms and cool rooms across Perth. During this time, our attention to detail and tailored approach to our clients’ needs have earned us a reputation for being the most reliable name in the industry.

Whether you want a standard system, glycol chiller system, or water-cooled system, we can do it all.

We have a laundry list of loyal customers, which includes state governments, resource giants, food supply chains, restaurants, hotels, and a multitude of smaller businesses, such as coffee shops and cafes. That’s why when it comes to cool rooms or commercial refrigeration installation in general, nobody understands your needs better than we do!


When you need something different

When businesses in Perth’s food and pharmaceutical industry need something different, they call Perth commercial refrigeration specialists like TRCO. We are often approached by companies who want a refrigeration system designed to fit their specific needs in terms of temperature, size, and many other specifications.

Working on hundreds of custom commercial refrigeration projects over the years has allowed us to gain experience to designing and building just about any type of cool room.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your requirements for a custom-designed and built refrigeration systems.


Rack systems for cool rooms

For singular cool rooms, freezer rooms, or walk in cold rooms, having individual compressors is common practice. If you require multiple rooms however, a better solution may be to consider installing a rack system.

There is a large list of advantages to using a rack system, but from experience, the two most significant ones for our clients are:

Capacity – As the entire rack of compressors provide the needed capacity for the refrigerated rooms, when the load reduces (the rooms are down to temp), individual compressors can turn off to match the capacity requirements. Compared to regular individual compressor systems, they are a tremendous energy and cost saver.

Redundancy – A rack system has what you could call redundancy built in. This will mean that if one of the compressors fails, the others will pick up the slack or ‘carry the load’ in this instance. This gives you plenty of time to call a technician who will be able to examine and address the problem, avoiding significant downtime.


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