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What’s the difference between commercial and residential refrigeration units?

16th November 20222 min read Refrigeration

Your home refrigerator contains enough food to last you and your family for about a week at any given time. In contrast, commercial restaurant refrigeration must be able to store enough food to feed up to 100 people per day.

One of the most noticeable differences between commercial and residential refrigeration units is their sheer volume and size. The former, on the other hand, has several advantages that assist them in meeting their expectations in a restaurant setting.

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The Layout

Aside from noticeable size differences, commercial and residential refrigeration units have different layouts. For food separation, most residential refrigerators have multiple shelves and compartments. A home refrigerator may include a water or ice maker.

A commercial fridge, on the other hand, is usually utilitarian in design, with only one or two shelves. This is intended to make stacking and storing food more convenient. Furthermore, ice machines and water dispensers are usually separate machines or appliances.


Power Requirements

Commercial refrigerators have more cooling power than a typical home refrigerator. This is undeniably beneficial in a restaurant or similar setting. This is due to the stringent laws and codes that govern how and at what temperature food should be stored.

However, home refrigerators are typically more energy-efficient. That means that in order to cool large quantities of food quickly or to keep large quantities of food at a core temperature, commercial fridges must run at maximum output for extended periods.

This is important, especially in the context of a restaurant where any issues or delays could end up costing the establishment thousands of dollars in lost revenue and food costs. 

So bear that in mind if you have a fridge issue and don’t call an unqualified technician. Instead, give a professional who has experience with your particular type of refrigeration repair a call.

Repair and Maintenance Considerations

Not all refrigeration engineers will be able to handle both commercial and domestic fridge issues due to these subtle and not-so-subtle distinctions. Because of this, it’s wise to always make sure that the refrigeration technician you hire is familiar with the kind of refrigeration equipment you have.

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